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Share tasks as a couple

with 'Be a Buddy'

About 'Be a Buddy'

'Be a Buddy' is a task management tool for couples busy with daily work and child-rearing duties.

Do you have complaints like these?

  • We both work to earn money, but I do more household chores

  • My partner doesn't actually know what housework involves to begin with

  • My partner doesn't have anything to take care of

'Be a Buddy' helps to share daily tasks with five functions.

Share Task Lists

Registered tasks are reflected on your partner's list in real time.
Being able to see what tasks need to be done can improve your partner's awareness of tasks and make sharing them easier.
Tasks you want your partner to do can be found in the blink of an eye by assigning said tasks.


Task Template

Save regular tasks as templates. You can conveniently register tasks with a single tap by saving the template.



Checklists can be added to tasks. Whether they be shopping lists, or a list of rooms to clean, how you use the function is entirely up to you.


Recurring Tasks

Regularly performed tasks can be registered as recurring tasks.
Recurring tasks are automatically added according to their set schedule.


In-task Chat

Use the in-task chat to decide on what to do on your day off, or what present to get for your child.
Each task has its own chat, so you can focus on the conversation related to the task without being buried in unnecessary messages.

key features
Use 'Be a Buddy'
to share tasks
with your partner the smart way.
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